Diamantes.com, America.com and Cognac.com Up For Grabs on Sedo

By May 29, 2008 Cybersecurity No Comments

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but Diamantes.com is going to make someone very happy, and to be able to afford to buy their partner a few diamonds! Diamantes.com is currently selling for €250,000 on Sedo although the reserve is yet to be met with 11 hours of the auction to go.

However even more impressive is America.com whose current bid is US$1,050,000, also with 11 hours of the auction to go, and also with a reserve that not yet been met.

Of course, should the successful bidder and seller may wish to toast the transaction with some cognac. Because cognac.com currently has a bid of US$54,500, and as with the other two domains the auction closes in about 11 hours, however in this case the reserve has been met.

More information is available from Sedo at www.sedo.com.