.NYC localising domain names

The future of domaining is localizing the domain extension to your major city. With a large population in New York and a lot of major companies running from New York City it seems appropriate having there own extension.

Connectingnyc, is gearing up for an open application that is expected (as much as bureaucracies can be expected) to begin next year, and which aims to make the approval process for the next generation of top-level domains (like .com and .us) more standard and transparent.

Currently, New York City is one of at least three cities pushing for their own top-level domains under the new regime. The other two are Berlin and Paris. (As for our cross-coast rivalry, there is already a .la — but it refers to the country of Laos).

“When you hear about people out in the great wide world talking about possible extensions, one thing that keeps on coming up is city extensions — and some talk about regionals ones,” said Jason Keenan, a spokesman for Icann.

More of the article : http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/06/09/dot-what-will_this_name_happennyc/?hp