ICANN Set To Approve New TLDs, IDNs

ICANN’s Paris meeting is soon to draw to a close Thursday night Paris time, but before it does so, the board is to meet in an open meeting to discuss, and most likely to approve, the introduction of new top level domains and internationalised domain names.

For those interested in following proceedings online, go to par.icann.org and click on “scribe feed” from 16.00 Paris time.

Domain Pulse will bring you the decisions from the floor of the ICANN as they are announced.

The policies that are to be voted on have taken around three years and $10m to formulate, ICANN president Paul Twomey told ZDNet.co.uk on Monday. “This is the first time [ICANN will be voting on] the detail of how [such] applications would work,” said Twomey. “The vote on Thursday will essentially be the board saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as to whether [these new domain extensions are] implementable.”

For more of the ZDNet story, see news.zdnet.co.uk/internet/0,1000000097,39437739,00.htm.