Internet Advertising Surges

Internet display advertising surged 33% in 2007 compared to increases for the Top 100 U.S. advertisers increasing ad spending by just 1.7%, while measured media spending rose a negligible 0.3% for major marketers — the most sluggish growth since the 2001 recession according to Ad Age DataCenter’s analysis of data from TNS Media Intelligence.

The report notes gains in internet advertising could not make up for some big losses in old media. The biggest loser was newspapers, where the LNA slashed measured spending 8.5%. The top 100 also trimmed TV spending 1.2%, according to Ad Age’s analysis of TNS data.

“Put another way, these top-tier marketers increased measured internet spending by $1 billion; slashed newspaper spending by $674 million; and cut TV budgets by $406 million.”

“The top 100 advertisers last year accounted for 41% of U.S. measured-media advertising. Their share varies by medium: The companies placed 71% of broadcast-network TV advertising and half of cable-network ads but only 37% of internet display advertising.”

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