900,000th .BE domain name registered

DNS BE logoLast week DNS.BE, the registry for .BE domain names, announced the 900,000th .BE domain name has been registered. The 900,000th domain name is artchaud.be, owned by a Flemish artist creating lithographs and silk-screen prints for expositions.

The 900,000th domain name was reached within ten years of .BE domain names becoming available. And there have been 40,000 .BE domain names registered within 3.5 months in 2009. The ongoing growth in .BE registrations comes about despite the financial crisis engulfing the world.

It is also to be noted that 70 per cent of .BE domain name registrations are by Belgian organisations and individuals.

And the lucky registrant, insofar as one can determine who the registrant is, received ten XL promotion stickers which DNS.BE hope will be used to promote the website.

More information on .BE domain names can be found at:

Europe Registry logoTo register your .BE domain name, check out Europe Registry here.