Former New York Mayor Ed Koch Supports .NYC gTLD Proposal

One of the several likely applicants for a new generic Top Level Domain (gTLD), dotNYC who are bidding to operate the .NYC gTLD, have gained the support of the city’s former mayor Ed Koch.

Support has already come from the City Council and Office of the Mayor with City Council Speaker Christine Quinn announcing in her State of the City speech in February that they will pursue the .NYC gTLD. The city last month completed a Request for Information about .NYC and is expected to endorse a company to run the .NYC address this summer.

“.NYC is the best real estate opportunity in New York City since the Dutch bought Manhattan. I can’t wait to sign up for, and while I’m at it I’ll probably sign up for as well,” Mayor Koch said. “I’ve done my homework and the experienced team behind dotNYC LLC is the right team to run .NYC.”

A video of the former mayor expressing his support and why he supports the proposed .NYC is available from

“Ed Koch is a New York icon and we’re thrilled to be partnering with someone who cares so much about this city,” said Antony Van Couvering of Manhattan, CEO of dotNYC LLC. “With his support we have total confidence that NYC will happen, and happen the right way for the benefit of all New Yorkers.”

Under the dotNYC LLC plan, the anticipated cost of a typical web and email address ending in .NYC is $10 – and trademark holders will be protected from the cyber-squatters who took advantage of .com addresses.

As with other proposed City gTLDs being proposed, community support is paramount and the dotNYC team has been working with the Office of the Mayor and the City Council as well as a potential Community Partner, which will receive approximately one-third of the profits from .NYC for use on the city’s behalf. Should the gTLD application be successful, all city agencies and departments with free .NYC web addresses.

More information on dotNYC is available from: