ICANN Strategic Plan Survey

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ICANN logoAs part of its consultation process for the development of the July 2010-June 2013 Strategic Plan, ICANN is seeking the views of the community on ICANN’s priorities for the coming three years. Following the successful trial of a survey at the public consultation session at the Seoul meeting, ICANN invites all members of the community to respond to the revised version of the survey.

The survey can be found here: www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=j4N7UAoVMQ_2bixC2FwvP6oQ_3d_3d

The options for prioritisation have been changed since the trial version, so those members of the community who participated in the trial survey should also respond to this revised survey. However, written comments that were received to the trial version of the survey will be incorporated into the summary of feedback and considered as inputs to the plan.

The survey will close on 30 December 2009.

The community views received through this survey will be included as one of the inputs in the development of the plan, along with Board input, staff input and other community input. A draft of the plan will be available for community comment in the coming weeks.

Further details of the strategic planning process can be found at icann.org/en/planning/

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