IPv6 Transitional Myths by Geoff Huston

Geoff Huston imageWith the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 becoming ever more important due to the likely exhaustion of IPv4 addresses in mid-2011, a guru on the topic, Geoff Huston, has written about some of the transition myths.

Myths covered by Huston in his posting with brief excerpts to his responses are:

  • We have many years for the transition to IPv6 – No!
  • “Its just a change of a protocol code. Users won’t see any difference in the transition.” – If only that were true!
  • “NAT upon NAT upon NAT will work” – Maybe
  • “Changing the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) is easy” – No, not necessarily.
  • “My ISP has enough IPv4 addresses to last for years, so they don’t have a problem” – Well, not necessarily
  • “We will always have to run IPv4 protocols” – Probably not
  • “There is a technology that will translate between IPv4 to IPv6” – Yes, but.
  • “We don’t necessarily have to transition to IPv6. There are substitutes.” – Nothing is visible from here!
  • “We know what’s happening” – I’m not sure that’s universally true!
  • “We know what we’re doing” – Individually this is, hopefully true
  • “We have a plan!” – See above.
  • “The Internet will be fine!” – I’m unsure about this one.
  • “The incumbents will have all the IPv4 space. Thanks for playing.” – If that’s not a myth, then we are going to be in serious trouble!

Obviously Huston goes into more detail in his posting, se to read it in full, see: