Bank of America Registers Hundreds of Domains in Defensive Move Against WikiLeaks Cables

Bank of America appear to have bought up hundreds of domain names that relate to the bank, including those that make negative comments about executives and board members in an effort to protect the bank.

On 17 December alone, there were over 300 domain names registered “that disparage BofA officials using variations on “sucks” and “blows”, including and, referring to the bank’s chief executive,” reports The Financial Times.

The reason for registering so many domain names has come about following the WikiLeaks threat that they will release cables that are damaging to the bank. There are reports the bank has a “war room” to “develop strategies to defeat any allegations or political or media back-wash that will probably develop if WikiLeaks publishes thousands of internal documents,” according to Fast Company.

“In addition to allegations that it has committed widespread fraud in the foreclosure process, Bank of America will be the subject of a new release of sensitive documents by international muckraking clearinghouse WikiLeaks in January. One Bank of America mortgage borrower has even claimed that the company broke into her home and stole the ashes of her deceased husband,” reported The Huffington Post.

The Huffington Post also points this could be the first time a megabank has an issue out of domain names instead of addressing real problems.

“BofA wouldn’t be the first megabank to make a big stink about domain names instead of, say, addressing real problems. Back in 2009, Wall Street titan Goldman Sachs attempted to shut down “” after the site became a hotspot for criticism directed at the investment bank. Somehow, people managed to keep disparaging the company.”