Austrian Registry Wins Bid To Operate .BH logoThe Austrian registry, along with SBR Juconomy Consulting AG, has won the right to operate Bahrain’s Top Level Domain .BH in a competitive bidding process with registries from around the world, providing technical services provider for a state-of-the-art domain management system.

“The decision by the Bahraini telecoms regulator reflects the demand for’s expertise on the international stage and proves that we are seen as a serious player in the market,” says joint CEO Robert Schischka. “The collaboration with SBR Juconomy Consulting brings a partner on board with extensive experience of Arab markets.”

The selection of to operate the .BH ccTLD was extremely pleasing for Richard Wein, also joint CEO.

“The selection by the Bahrain telecoms regulator of is a wonderful achievement and marks an important milestone for us,” said Wein. “The key to our success was our ‘Registry In A Box’ that provides a high quality backend registry services at a reasonable cost along with a proven history of having operated a stable registry without any security concerns over the past 12 years.”

The confidence was shared by the Bahrain’s TRA ICT Director Ahmed Aldoseri.

“We are delighted to appoint and SBR Juconomy to deliver a robust domain registry solution following an extensive tendering process,” said Aldoseri. “We have full confidence in and SBR as our strategic and technical partners for the .BH domain space, and believe such partners can achieve the objectives set by TRA Bahrain.”

One of the changes that will come into effect when takes over management in autumn 2011 will be the liberalisation of registration policies that will be announced in the near future. It is envisaged that active registration numbers will grow from the current 4000 to 100,000 in three years.

The winning bid to operate the .BH ccTLD from subsidiary IPCom in a joint tender submitted with SBR Juconomy Consulting AG, a consultancy expert with an outstanding track record in the Middle East. SBR is responsible for project management and marketing, while the technical implementation comes under’s remit. also has a wealth of international experience that was extremely beneficial in the tender process.

“Our specialists have contributed to all the major technology committees and are constantly being approached by other countries for consultancy work,” said Schischka.

The Bahrain project is the latest in a string of international ventures, and similar projects have been implemented in Ireland, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Norway and Saudi Arabia.

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