DotAsia Launches Landush.Asia to Promote Adoption of Native Language Domain Names in Asia

DotAsia logoThe DotAsia Organisation is proud to announce the launch of Landrush.Asia, a platform where potential registrants can apply for their “.Asia” IDN directly. They can select from a list of participating registrars on the site and then apply for the best Chinese, Japanese and Korean Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) before it opens up for first-come-first-served registrations.

“Landrush.Asia is an effort from DotAsia to help registrants from Asia and registrars around the world to offer first in line registrations for Chinese, Japanese and Korean ‘.Asia’ domain names,” says Edmon Chung, CEO of the DotAsia Organisation says, “DotAsia is committed to promoting Internet development and adoption in Asia, and native language domain names (i.e. IDN) is an important part of driving accessibility to the hundreds of millions of users coming online in Asia.  As both a tool for direct navigation and for enhancing SEO (Search Engine Optimization), IDN also helps businesses around the world to reach the Asian Internet marketplace, where users are actively searching online in their own language.”

The “.Asia” IDN domain names has been very well received in Asia, especially in China, with more than half of the close to 10,000 “.Asia” IDNs have already been asked for being Chinese domains. The CJK .Asia IDN Landrush period is open for another month and will close on October 11, 2011. For further inquiries about the Chinese, Japanese and Korean .Asia IDN Landrush, please go to

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