Architelos Tops $1m In First Year TLD Consulting & Service Revenue

Architelos, Inc. celebrated its first year in business by announcing it had surpassed $1 million in revenue for consulting and software service fees relating to new generic Top Level Domains.

Marking both milestones, CEO Alexa Raad said the deregulation she predicted a year ago has begun to re-shape how online business is conducted, with more to come when new TLDs begin implementing innovative business models that will change online marketing, advertising and search, and will enable both for-profit and non-profit entities to organize more powerful online communities.

“With our vision of how these changes will unfold, Architelos is in a great position to grow in 2012,” Raad said. “New registries will need reliable, cost-effective TLD services at the outset to ensure a successful launch. Existing registries will need to understand how they can compete effectively in the deregulated environment. Our experience launching and running registries and our innovative software solutions will serve them both well.”

Architelos is made up of a number of domain name industry veterans apart from Raad including co-founder and COO John Matson.

“Our corporate structure and client approach contributes to our success,” Matson said. “We are not applying for any TLDs, so we won’t have any conflicts with our clients who are applying for new TLDs. We are also a solely self-funded company with no interests other than to provide independent and trusted guidance to our clients.”

It has built up an impressive international client base including new TLD applicants for both generic words and worldwide brands, investment and management consulting firms, and established generic and country code registries. Clients include Verisign, the British registry Nominet, the .music applicant Far Further and the Canadian Internet Registry Authority, among others.