DNS.be Announce New WHOIS And DAS Service

DNS BE logoDNS.be have announced they will deploy the latest version (release 9.0) of its Registration Platform in the coming weeks. The main enhancement is the introduction of the new WHOIS and DAS service on 10 April 2012.

A transition plan is worked out in order to make the migration as smooth as possible for everyone. A period of 2 months is foreseen giving everyone enough time to respond to the changes.

Because of the changes to DAS and WHOIS, the roll out of the new implementation will be done in phases. The WHOIS will be upgraded from version 4.1 to 5.0 and the DAS from version 2.0 to 3.0.

The planning for the transition to this new WHOIS and DAS service is as follows:

DNS BE Transistion DAS WHOIS



On Tuesday 6 March version 9.0 of our registration system software was deployed on the registration system.

The new version of WHOIS and DAS was not yet enabled at this time. A parallel WHOIS and DAS host running the “old” version of these services was enabled using the following hosts:

  • oldwhois.dns.be port 43
  • olddas.dns.be port 4343

Via these hosts, you can use the WHOIS and DAS service with the expected output as they are today.

On Tuesday 10 April (17h) the new versions of WHOIS and DAS will be enabled on the registration system and will be unreachable for a very short time (max 5 minutes) between 17h00 and 17h30 (Belgian local time).

At that moment the “old” WHOIS and DAS services are still available for an extended period of 2 months via oldwhois.dns.be and olddas.dns.be allowing you to make a smooth transition. In addition, you can decide when you want to migrate to the new WHOIS and DAS between 10/4 and 12/6.


whois.dns.be port 4343 (so DAS via the WHOIS hostname) will be disabled on that day. From then on, only das.dns.be port 4343 can be used for the DAS service!

On Tuesday 12 June oldwhois.dns.be and olddas.dns.be will be removed, everyone should use the new WHOIS and DAS service.

This DNS.be news release was sourced from dns.be/en//new_whois_and_das_service

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