ICANN’s TAS Woes To Continue For At Least One More Week

ICANN New gTLDS Apply Now logoICANN’s TAS woes continue with the re-opening of the TLD application system (TAS) still at least one week away.

In the latest statement from Akram Atallah, ICANN’s COO, on their website, Atallah says the organisation will notify all applicants within the next seven business days as to whether their analysis shows each applicant was affected by the technical glitch in the TLD application system.

In order to make these notifications, ICANN is identifying each applicant file name and user name that might have been viewed, and who might have viewed them. To do that, they are reviewing internal system logs and full packet-level capture of all traffic to and from the application system from 12 January through 12 April.

ICANN’s analysis continues to show that a limited number of applicants were affected.

Shortly after the notification process has been completed, ICANN will announce the schedule for reopening the application system and completing the application period and will allow sufficient time during the reopening period for applicants to confirm the completeness of their submissions.

In the meantime ICANN is also continuing to test the fix and enhance system performance in preparation for reopening.