ICANN Cuts Friday From Upcoming Prague Meeting

ICANN Prague meeting logoICANN is ending its upcoming meeting in Prague on a Thursday, a day earlier than the usual Friday closing day. The official closing of the meeting will occur at 18:00 on Thursday.

In an announcement on the ICANN website from the Chairman of the Board, Steve Crocker, it says the Friday morning programme, which in the past has comprised AC/SO committee reports, Board committee reports, and the public Board meeting, has been removed.

The AC/SO committee reports and Board committee reports will now be published for review on the ICANN website.

The public Board meeting has been replaced with a one-hour session following the Public Forum on Thursday afternoon. In this session the Board will outline what they have heard during the week from their meetings with AC/SOs and their constituent parts and will identify those matters they expect to be dealing with between the Prague and Toronto Meetings.

The close of this session (expected to be around 18:00) will mark the official end of the ICANN meeting and will be immediately followed by a two-hour farewell reception for all ICANN Meeting participants.

It is intended that at the beginning of the Toronto meeting there will be a Board community session where the Board will report to the community on what they have dealt with since Prague.

Steve Crocker notes that ICANN believes the removal of the Friday public Board meeting and its replacement with two Board community sessions will improve the effectiveness of both the Board and the staff and increase the time that the Board has to interact with the community.

The Public Participation Committee will hold a public session in Toronto to discuss and review these changes.