ICANN Inching Closer To Getting TAS Back Online As Notifying Applicants Of Impact Begins

ICANN New gTLDS Apply Now logoIn their latest statement on the TLD Application System (TAS) security glitch that saw applications for new top level domains suspended and the TAS taken offline, ICANN have advised they are in the process of notifying applicants whether they were affected by the software glitch. ICANN plan to complete this notification process on or before 8 May.

To give some background on how many applicants have been affected by the security glitch, Akram Atallah, ICANN’s COO has advised in the organisation’s latest update that “at the time we took the system offline, there were 1268 registered users and some 95,000 file attachments in the system. Of these, there were approximately 455 instances where a file name and the associated user name might have been viewed by another applicant. We are continuing to review system logs and packet-level traffic to confirm how many viewings actually did occur.”

The “review has determined that approximately:

  • 105 applicants might have had file names and user names viewed by another applicant
  • 50 applicants might have viewed file names and user names from one or more other applicants.”

ICANN is continuing with working on enhancing system performance and testing the fix for the glitch.

ICANN reaffirmed that when the TAS is back online they will keep the system open for at least five business days to allow applicants to assure themselves that their applications remain as they intended.