ICM Asks US Court To Dismiss Manwin Claims Of Anticompetitive Conduct

ICM Registry XXX launch logoICM Registry, currently in court with online adult entertainment business Manwin, has asked a federal court in the US to dismiss antitrust claims saying Manwin “has failed to state anticompetitive conduct.”

According to a report in XBIZ, “Manwin and its newly acquired Digital Playground unit teamed up in November just prior to .XXX’s general roll out to seek ‘redress for monopolistic conduct, price gouging and anticompetitive and unfair practices, broadly harming competition, businesses and consumers, and arising out of the establishment of .XXX.’”

“But ICM Registry on Tuesday moved for an order dismissing claims under §§ 1 and 2 of the Sherman Act on grounds that Manwin failed to plead antitrust injury, failed in allegations that ICM Registry and ICANN conspired to create anticompetitive restraint or to monopolize a relevant market and that Manwin hasn’t alleged that ICM Registry engaged in unilateral anticompetitive or exclusionary conduct — all legal standards for antitrust cases to survive motions for dismissal pursuant to federal Rule 12(b)(6).”

To read more of this report in XBIX, see newswire.xbiz.com/view.php?id=148193.

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