29,000 .PT Domains Registered In First Week After Rules Liberalised

DNS PT logo18,220 .PT domain names were registered in the first 24 hours and 28,984 in the first week after a new era was launched for the Portuguese country code with registration policies liberalised allowing anyone to register the country’s domains.

Pedro Veiga, President of FCCN, said that he was pleased with the results and that from now on .PT was now aligned with international registration standards for domain registration.

“At a time when ICANN opened doors to the registration of new generic domains, ccTLD’s have to stay competitive and, if possible, assume its role of ex libris in each of the countries to which they correspond. In this line, and by way of example, it makes sense that a Portuguese company has its domain under .PT.”

While the registration rules are liberalised, there are still some words and phrases that are excluded that are considered abusive and contrary to the law, public order and morality. In addition geographic names and words or phrases that might mislead are also not allowed.

Europe Registry logoTo register your .PT domain, check out Europe Registry here.