Marketing insights from Australian Football Finals – Domain Names v Social Media

ARI Registry ServicesIn the recent football grand finals in Australian on the last weekend in September, ARI Registry Services’ CEO Adrian Kinderis did an analysis of the 67 television commercials that aired in the Melbourne televised editions.

Kinderis’ analysis of the 2012 Australian Football League and National Rugby League Grand Finals revealed that Australian marketers place domain names – in particular domain names – above any other form of a call to action, including social media.

Kinderis observed that 32 advertisements (38% of all calls to action) used a domain name as the primary call to action. Further analysis revealed that marketers have an affinity with the domain name (70% of all domains used).

Interestingly, despite the surge in popularity around integrating social media into marketing campaigns, social media was present in only eight of the 67 television commercials shown during the Grand Finals.

Based on the assumption that the AFL and NRL Grand Finals are arguably the premier stage for high reach, large impact television advertising in Australia, the trends identified during these matches may represent the marketing industry’s best practice for advertising call to action within television campaigns.

ARI Registry Services have produced an infographic and whitepaper [PDF] for more information.