Digital Marketing & gTLD Strategy Conference in New York, March 2013

By January 11, 2013 New TLDs No Comments

Now that the new generic Top Level Domain preliminary draw has taken place and it is likely the first new gTLD launches will take place in 2013, a conference on marketing and strategy has been announced for New York in March.

The conference is aimed at major brands, applicants and even non-applicants that are now waking up to the reality that change is both imminent and something they cannot afford to ignore.

The conference blurb notes that within a few short months, the industry will move on from discussing application fees, prioritisations, objections, lotteries, digital archery and internal conflicts of interest and instead turn its attention to the dramatic roll-out of the initial tranche of approved gTLDs.

“Launches will be where the years of investment, technology and bureaucracy finally meet the real world – a world where consumers engage with billion dollar brands and where those brands compete for a global audience. Get the launch right and a brand will soar. Get it wrong and face consumer confusion, backlash and a PR nightmare.”

There will be keynote addresses from L’Oreal and Citi and the conference will take place at the new Dream Downtown hotel in the vibrant meatpacking district of New York. The conference has been created as a networking and learning forum for both round 1 applicants and prospective “round 2” applicants.

To review the brochure, learn more about the content, speakers, venue or to register, see or email for details.