​.LU Introduces Domain Freezing For Disputed Domains; Releases Blocked Domains

DNS-LU logoThe registry for .lu domain names, DNS-LU (Restena), is introducing a couple of changes as of 11 June. The first change is that when there is a credible case in a domain name dispute. The second sees the release of a number of domain names previously blocked, most of which have are sex-related.

For domain names involved in a dispute, claimants will be able to request a freeze on the .lu domain name for an initial period of up to one year stopping the domain from being transferred to another registrant. The period is intended to allow for the claimant and the current registrant to mediate a resolution to the dispute.

In the event that the dispute is solved, the claimant must submit on their own initiative a formal trade request to any .lu registrar of his choice. This is to ensure the proper registration transfer. The trade request will be checked and validated manually by DNS-LU subject to the reception of documents proving the resolution of the dispute in favour of the claimant.

In the case of the domain name being cancelled during the dispute period and no dispute resolution having taken place, the domain becomes available again for any interested party, without the claimant having a preferential registration right to the same domain name.

For more information on the new procedures and their terms and conditions, and to see the list of domain names being released, go to the DNS-LU website at www.dns.lu/en/about-dnslu/news/.