TLDH Portfolio Of Uncontested gTLD Applications Rises To 23

Top Level Domain Holdings has announced they have resolved contention for three of their gTLD applications. This means TLDH now has interests in 23 uncontested applications, including 15 wholly/majority owned applications, six where it is acting as the registry service provider for client applications and one each where it has equal joint venture and a minority revenue share.

There are also 63 remaining applications which TLDH either wholly-owns, is a joint-venture partner, or is acting as the registry service provider, seven are in contention with a single other applicant, 17 with two other applicants and 39 are in contention with three or more applicants.

The three gTLD applications for which TLDH has resolved contention are .fit, .science, and .review. The resolution follows an agreement with gTLD investor Domain Venture Partners PCC Limited and its associates Platinum Registry Limited, dot Science Limited, dot Review Limited and Famous Four Media Limited. Each of TLDH’s applications for the three gTLD strings in question were in contention with single competing applications by entities managed by Famous Four Media Limited.

As a result of the agreement, Platinum Registry Limited has withdrawn its application for .fit, leaving TLDH as the only applicant, and TLDH has withdrawn its applications for .science and .review in exchange for a revenue share in the .review registry to be operated by dot Review Limited.

“We are highly encouraged by the progress being made in resolving those applications where there are one or more rival applications to our bid,” said Fred Krueger, chairman of TLDH. “We are well positioned for any private auction process that may arise for those strings that cannot be resolved through private discussion with competing applicants.”