ARI Registry Services develops new community test environment to assist new gTLD Program

ARI Registry Services[news release] ARI Registry Services has launched a test environment to allow Registrars to simulate their interactions with Registries and the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) to support ICANN and the wider community to prepare for the launch of new Top-Level Domains (TLD) in the coming months.

It was developed in response to calls from the community for access to a test environment in order to be ready for the launch of the new rights protection mechanisms within the program.

While it was pleasing to see the Clearinghouse deploy a test environment yesterday for TMCH agents, there is still high demand for a specific test environment for use by Registrars and Registries.

The new ARI Registry Services’ test environment allows Registrars to fully simulate an end-to-end new TLD experience and includes functionality to test Sunrise and Landrush capabilities, as well as replicating interaction with the TMCH.

There are tools which allow Registrars to complete testing for launch related activities, including lists of usable Signed Mark Data and a service for trademark claims notices.

The environment is believed to be the first openly available Operational Test and Evaluation (OTE) environment which simulates TMCH capabilities for Registrars. It allows them to become familiar with the multitude of new processes related to new TLDs and access to the environment is automatic for any Registrar commencing OTE operations with ARI Registry Services.

Chris Wright, Chief Technology Officer for ARI Registry Services, said the test environment will be a valuable tool for Registrars.

“Our new test environment gives Registrars the opportunity to better understand how their processes work before going live and selling domain names under new TLD registries. It will be very important for every Registrar to rigorously test their processes, especially with regards to the TMCH,” Mr Wright said.

“This is another service we are offering to Registrars connected with our Registry Platform. These Registrars already have access to our list of over 150 new TLD registry applications like شبكة. (.shabaka, translates to .web in English) which will be the first new TLD launched.”

Mr Wright said many of the largest and most well recognised Registrars had already on-boarded to the testing platform and reported positive feedback.

ARI Registry Services is inviting all Registrars interested in selling domain names under new TLDs to contact us for the opportunity to test their systems using our Registrar OTE platform. For more information, please visit our Registrar Integration Centre.

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