ICANN Durban: Trademark Clearinghouse, Internal Networks Impact On New gTLDs and .AMAZON

ICANN Durban Meeting logoDomain Incite is reporting from the ICANN meeting in Durban, South Africa, that is underway this week and have put up a few interesting reports.

Interlisle Consulting was engaged to conduct a report on “clashes between applied-for new gTLD strings and non-existent TLDs that are nevertheless already widely used on internal networks,” something Verisign has been raising as an issue recently, reported Domain Incite.

The problem is for internal networks that use a currently non-existent TLD. The biggest source of hits of the new gTLDs is .home, which is likely to be coming from millions household modems, is likely to be a problem to sort out. Others, that may be coming from a range of sources, such as .ice, which “appears prominently on the list appears to be solely due to an electricity producer in Costa Rica, which ‘for some reason is blasting .ice requests out to the root’”.

In another report, Domain Incite reports that the Trademark Clearinghouse appears to be cutting it fine in getting underway.

In a session at the ICANN meeting, “executives from IBM and Deloitte, which are managing the Trademark Clearinghouse, laid out their go-live expectations.”

In the presentation, “IBM and Deloitte said that they hope to have a Sunrise sandbox ready for registry testing by the end of July, with a production environment live by August 9 and Claims following a month later.”

And in another Domain Incite report, “the Governmental Advisory Committee has agreed to file a consensus objection against Amazon’s application for .amazon.”

“The objection came at the behest of Brazil and other Latin American countries that claim rights to Amazon as a geographic term, and follows failed attempts by Amazon to reach agreement.” And it appears the objection sounds the death knell for the online retailer’s application.