ARI Registry Services Excited About New TLDs With Launch Strategies Activated

By October 24, 2013 New TLDs No Comments

ARI Registry ServicesARI Registry Services has entered the new era of new gTLDs as the first four of the new gTLDs were added to the root servers of the internet and applicants began executing their launch strategies.

dotShabaka Registry, the applicant for شبكة. (.shabaka, translates to .web in English) and one of the first four new TLDs delegated, today implemented the first elements of their carefully constructed launch strategy which was developed by the consulting team at ARI Registry Services.

The other three TLDs to be delegated were онлайн (Russian for “Online”), сайт (Russian for “Web site”) and 游戏 (Chinese for “Game”).

Adrian Kinderis, CEO of ARI Registry Services, said applicants must recognise the significant volume of work needed to prepare for launch which is expected to happen within the next couple of months, although no firm date has been given.

“We’ve been working hard with dotShabaka Registry for more than a year to prepare them for launch. Our consulting arm has grown and we are experiencing strong demand for support as we help our clients work on naming conventions, operational and compliance plans, Sunrise and Landrush strategies, policy documents and their path to market,” Mr Kinderis said.

“While the progress of the programme has been slow, it has always been something on the horizon. What today’s milestone means is that the guns have fired – the time to activate your plan is now. Those waiting to develop their business plans and strategies must act now.”

Mr Kinderis noted that today’s announcement means ARI Registry Services is among the first Registry Service Providers to technically operate a new Top Level Domain, further highlighting the Melbourne-based company’s global industry impact.

“We have the experience and capability to offer new TLD applicants a full service consultancy and technology offering. On top of powering one of the first new TLDs to be delegated, we’re also working with some of the largest and most well recognised global brands to guide them with their launch strategy.

“It is particularly rewarding to be providing support and guidance with every step along the journey. This milestone is additional proof that our team of experts are able to design custom solutions and assist our clients in preparing for the launch and operation of their TLD.”

Mr Kinderis added that an effective launch strategy could be the difference in whether a TLD succeeds or fails. He said that all applicants have a collective duty to educate their stakeholders about new TLDs and ensure end user acceptance.

“First impressions count when launching a new TLD. We know the marketplace is going to be incredibly competitive and it will be crucial for TLD owners to have a strong path to market strategy that delivers return on their investment.”

“There’s no denying the internet’s history is lined with the skeletons of TLDs which have failed.”

Mr Kinderis said every TLD owner has a responsibility to properly activate their investment through the development of a sound strategy. He encourages applicants to contact ARI Registry Services and leverage the insights we have gained through launching شبكة. to the benefit of our consulting clients.

ARI Registry Services has been one of those at the forefront of pushing the new TLD programme.

“In 2008, we contributed to the creation of the technical protocols to enable non-Latin scripts like شبكة. to work on the internet. Through this work, we were part of the very first non-Latin country domain name suffix to be added to the internet.”

“Fast forward six years and we are now part of the first new Top Level Domain to sign a contract, the first technology provider to pass the program’s stringent testing regime, and now one of the first to be added live on the internet. We have been paving the way for the world to embrace the next evolution of the internet at every step of the program,” Mr Kinderis said.

“The delegation of شبكة. and the other new Top Level Domains will revolutionise the way we all use the internet. We are making history today and our children will look back on this moment as the day when the internet matured beyond its humble origins.”