New gTLD Registrations Hit 400,000

ICANN new generic Top Level Domains logoThe number of registrations in the 150 new gTLDs to have at least one registration has reached 400,000, data showed Friday. As of 30 March there were 408,366 domains registered across all gTLDs.

The top new gTLD is still .guru with 46,954 domains under management (DUM) and a 11.54 percent market share of all new gTLDs as of 30 March. But it is being gradually caught by .berlin with 43,403 DUM and a 10.66 percent market share.

Third on the list compiled by is .photography (30,185 and 7.41%), then .today (17,666 and 4.34%), .tips (17,583 and 4.32%). Sixth on the list is .email with 15,216 DUM and a market share of 3.74 percent, however General Availability only commenced on a week ago on 23 March.

Rounding out the top ten is .technology (12,262 and 3.01%), .company (12,121 and 2.98%), .directory (11,299 and 2.78%) and .clothing (9,714 and 2.39%).

Among registrars, GoDaddy has three in every ten registrations with 122,196 domains, or a 30.02 percent market share. But it is the German registrars that have done well, undoubtedly boosted by the success of .berlin, with 1&1 Internet AG (41,327 and 10.15%) and united-domains AG (37,901 and 9.31%) both having around one in ten registrations.

There are some interesting breakdowns for what gTLDs are popular with which registrars. For example, our very own instra has .plumbing at the top of its list with 315 registrations, or 13.48 percent of registrations, while .guru is its second most popular gTLD with 146 registrations. The second most popular gTLD though, .berlin, comes 41st with 14 registrations.