Melbourne Joins Cities With Own gTLD – Landrush Starts 1 October

The new gTLD for Australia’s second largest city, Melbourne, becomes available for businesses and brands in the state of Victoria to apply for from 10:00 Australian time on 1 October.

In addition, a number of iconic businesses have signed up to become ambassadors for the new gTLD. Some of these include the Flower Drum restaurant, the Melbourne Festival and Bank of Melbourne.

.melbourne ambassadors showcase businesses big and small that have recognised the opportunity presented by this digital innovation. They will serve as inspiration, and help get the word out, for the rest of the community to take advantage of this new marketing opportunity.

Melbourne joins cities and regions such as Berlin, Paris, London, Saarland, New York, Vienna and soon Sydney, among many others, to have their own gTLD.

To start, there will be a Landrush period for businesses and brands. The new gTLD offers opportunities for businesses, and the Bank of Melbourne’s Head of Brand & Marketing, Jac Phillips said the bank snapped up the chance to own

“Bank of Melbourne are proud to be one of the first in the city to get a .melbourne domain name. We are Melbourne’s local bank, with our call centre, our branches, our head office and of course our customers all here in Melbourne. Melbourne is our place of business, so the domain name is a natural fit.”

Another ambassador of a .melbourne web address is, a micro business operated by passionate Melburnian, Michelle Brown which offers sightseeing tours around the city.

Successful candidates who apply for a .melbourne domain name during Landrush will be notified between 9 and 12 November and will join Melbourne Festival and other first-to-market businesses to use a .melbourne domain. Melbourne Festival Executive Director, Katie McLeish said their new .melbourne web address would further emphasise the festival as a key event on the city’s calendar.

“Melbourne Festival is thrilled to be an ambassador of the .melbourne initiative. Each Festival brings an array of dance, theatre, music, visual arts and outdoor events from renowned and upcoming Australian and International companies to Melbourne. Our new online address,, will help us to better promote the Festival and cement our place as the city’s leading performing arts event.”

Similarly, the Marriner Group’s General Manager Glenn McGuinness hoped their new web address would help better promote the many world-class theatre shows they attract to the city.

“As the custodian of prized heritage venues such as the Regent and Princess theatres, Marriner Group play host to many of the biggest shows of the entertainment world, like Once, The Lion King and Grease. There will be no better promotional tool to showcase theatre in Melbourne than our new web address.”

Other businesses to become ambassadors of a .melbourne web address include Eureka Skydeck, Destination Melbourne and the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant.

Following the landrush application period during October, .melbourne web addresses become available on a first-come first-served basis from 10:00am on Wednesday 12 November. There will be a premium for .melbourne domains, in part to deter cybersquatters. Prices are expected to start from approximately $65 depending on registrar and services provided.

Adrian Kinderis, CEO of ARI Registry Services – the Melbourne-based technology company managing .melbourne – said the milestone would mark one of the most significant technology infrastructure projects in the State.

“A .melbourne web address will allow Victorian businesses and individuals to show an online affiliation to the city and increase geographical relevance to their target audience. There is also potential for businesses to be rewarded with added search engine optimisation benefits.”