.NZ Passes 600,000 Registrations

New Zealand’s country code, .nz, passed the 600,000 mark last week. While not in the millions of registrations like some, it is still an impressive figure for the ccTLD given New Zealand’s population is 4.4 million.

The milestone was passed just before 17:00 on Wednesday 28th January 2015, InternetNZ announced today (2 February).

The ccTLD has seen recent growth supported by the launch of second level .nz domains, allowing for domains such as anyname.nz rather than anyname.co.nz.

InternetNZ Chief Executive, Jordan Carter is pleased that .nz continues to be the domain name of choice for New Zealanders in the face of growing competition in the market.

“The Internet has brought the world to our doorstep and despite the almost limitless choices that people now have, recent research shows that Kiwis continue to overwhelmingly see .nz as the most trust-worthy domain space.”