New .CANCERRESEARCH Unique Among New gTLDs With A Goal As Information Resource

On the day that, in the UK at least, it was announced half of all people will be diagnosed with cancer and on World Cancer Day, the new gTLD .CancerResearch has launched.

The gTLD is not going to be available for the general public to register domains. Nor is it a brand. Instead its goal is probably unique among the 1,000 plus gTLDs that are expected to launch.

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation, who applied for the gTLD with strategic and technical support from ARI Registry Services, is using the gTLD to promote cancer research through a network of websites that have been developed in conjunction with scientists and research centres.

It is the first TLD to be launched with a network of websites that provide reliable and trusted information to the global community and is solely aimed at eradicating one of the biggest challenges facing today’s society.

This begins with the home page which can be found at, and is supported by a promotional campaign whereby individuals are invited to be part of ‘The One’ that helps end cancer. This innovative digital promotion can be found at

The goal of .cancerresearch TLD is to bring together a collection of sites containing news, stories and information on cancer and those searching for a cure – which will create a platform for the ACRF to connect with the community and provide hope by sharing the significant advances in cancer research.

ARI Registry Services’ Head of Global Consulting, Tony Kirsch explains the new TLD also highlights the benefits of intuitive and easy to remember domain names.

“We really think that the community will embrace the simplicity of visiting for example, for the home page or for information specific to lung cancer or even when people would like to contribute,” said Kirsch.

ARI Registry Services’s consulting division was engaged to assist with the application, strategy and implementation of the .cancerresearch project, and hopes it will provide a powerful demonstration of the innovative ways organisations and brands can use new TLDs.

As a long-term advocate for new TLDs through ICANN’s New gTLD Program, ARI Registry Services is optimistic about the positive impact .cancerresearch can have on the domain industry at large.

Kirsch added, “It’s vital for the industry to see innovative approaches to using TLDs.

“While we have collectively made significant inroads since the first delegation in 2013, substantial work is required before we can be confident that end user awareness has been achieved.

“We’re confident that .cancerresearch provides a significant real world example of how a TLD can be used to create a digital movement that helps to overcome one of the largest challenges facing society today.

“We hope it will help all new TLD applicants – in particular those that have applied for a .brand and are struggling with the internal appetite for launching their TLD”.