The Little Guy Wins As Small Pennsylvania Company Secures .TUBE gTLD

TUBE gTLD logoIt’s not always that the big players win the gTLDs in contention. In late March Latin American Telecom announced that it secured the highly contested gTLD. After almost three years of fierce competition in the contention set, ICANN awarded the license to Latin American Telecom with main offices in 444 Liberty Avenue, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“Back in 2008 we saw potential in the term TUBE so we decided to invest heavily to lead to this moment. Back then we registered thousands of domain names that incorporated the term TUBE, developed several of them, obtained a registered trademark with USPTO to promote and protect our concept and when ICANN decided to allow registrations for new gTLD’s we knew that a grand opportunity awaited us and prepared our application. Now that we prevailed and we won the contention set, the dream will begin to materialize, we are grateful and very excited at this opportunity that comes only once in a lifetime,” said Rami Schwartz, founder and CEO of the company.

The word TUBE whose origin is a slang for the Television and is also used in many other industries such as plumbing, construction, transportation (London Tube), automotive, electrical, medical and chemical has become in recent years a household term associated with on-line video distribution. Thousands from around the world have developed **** sites. Famous star Ellen de Genres has its own TUBE site called Ellen Tube, the most popular platform for video distribution in the world is YouTube and thousands from around the world have adopted this term as their own other tubes on the web.

.TUBE will be a unique gTLD, unlike any other. “Tube” is a broad term used for a variety of different branding, marketing, and informational purposes. .TUBE provides a new canvas for the domain namespace for any business, individual, or non-profit organization to utilize it in any way. .TUBE creates a competitive and unique TLD option for those looking to branch out of the more traditional domain routes, creating the opportunity for public or private platforms to showcase virtually anything they can imagine. Soon people from around the globe will be able to purchase domain names ending in .TUBE ( as an alternative to the existing .COM, .NET or .ORG suffixes.

Past gTLD introductions have not seriously impacted .com’s dominance. The situation might be very different if new gTLDs offer innovative services that differentiate it from traditional ones in terms of the benefit achieved by the users. Such an offering might provide strong competition to .com, at least from the perspective of some niches or groups of users. The ability to associate a TLD to a specific service creates opportunities for technical innovation and simplification and the ability to associate a TLD with a brand, can result in significant opportunities for branding and innovation that are not possible with a traditional open registry business models. Since LAT posses the USPTO trademark TUBE, it will be able to explore such opportunities.

After ICANN’s approval, it will take anywhere from 6 to 8 months to launch this valuable gTLD, sufficient time to develop a novel marketing approach to this unique property. “Domain names are virtual real estate – it’s your address on the Internet. We intend to make .TUBE the “best neighborhood” for people to express or promote their business, interests, and ideas online. Companies, individuals, domain investors, developers –the entire Internet community will have the opportunity to see their vision come to life with a .TUBE address.” said Jason Schaeffer, Chief Advisor to the Company. “Imagine the possibilities you can have with your own .TUBE domain name”.