.NYC Premium Domain Auction Set For Late October

dotNYC logoNeustar, Inc. is partnering with the City of New York to launch the first official .nyc premium domain name auction that will run from 24 to 27 October.

New Yorkers in the City’s five boroughs will gain exclusive access to twenty premium domain names in the .nyc namespace. These valuable and rare premium domain names are associated with real estate, interior design, construction, gardening and home improvement. Only businesses, organisations and individuals with a physical address in the five boroughs are eligible to register these premium .nyc domain names, with some of the most sought-after web addresses being made available for the very first time – from apartments.nyc and brokers.nyc to realestate.nyc and garden.nyc.

The .nyc new generic Top Level Domain is the largest of the geographic TLDs to have launched with over 78,600 registrations since General Availability commenced in October 2014.

When the City of New York broke ground on this unique type of digital real estate, it did so with the intention of making .nyc a digital destination where entrepreneurs, businesses and organisations could build a one-of-a-kind community and showcase their affiliation with New York City. The premiere of the premium domain auction marks yet another milestone in the City’s Internet stewardship. New York businesses and entrepreneurs can now connect their brand with New York’s global influence by accessing valuable, one-word descriptive web addresses, which are exclusive to New York City.

In keeping with the City’s desire to ensure equitable access to these sought after domain names, the .nyc auctions have been designed to maximise participation, affordability, and transparency. Unlike most premium domain name auctions, there will be no minimum reserve price set. This means small businesses, start-up founders, organisations and individuals from every borough can participate equally in the auction process, vying for the chance to secure these high-value domains with a starting bid price of only $500.

“Whether you’re a small business, an established brand, a non-profit organisation or just an individual with a bright idea, there’s no better place to launch and build your new venture online than .nyc,” said Jeff Merritt, Director of Innovation, City of New York. “With the release of these new premium domains, New Yorkers across the five boroughs will all have the opportunity to own and develop a piece of the City’s most valuable digital real estate.”

“We are excited to be launching the first .nyc domain name auction, giving all New Yorkers the chance to secure one of twenty rare and highly coveted premium web addresses. They are especially valuable because of their category-defining keyword relevance, their power to draw global traffic through search engine visibility, and their ability to connect the registrant to New York City, the world’s strongest and most prestigious city brand,” said Sean Kaine, Vice President of Registry Services, Neustar.

The following premium domain names will be made available at auction:
Apartments.nyc     Brokers.nyc     Brownstones.nyc     Condos.nyc
Construction.nyc     CoOps.nyc     Furniture.nyc     Garden.nyc
Homes.nyc     Interiors.nyc     Kitche.nyc     Lease.nyc
Living.nyc     Lofts.nyc     RealEstate.nyc     Renovation.nyc
Roommates.nyc     Rentals.nyc     Studios.nyc     Sublet.nyc

In order to take part in the .nyc premium domain name auction, interested bidders should visit www.auctions.nyc/living.