Survey Finds Brits Don’t Trust New gTLDs So Much

varn-logoA recent survey of over 1,000 Britons found they trust top level domains (TLDs) such as .com and more than those with “newer” TLDs such as .eu, .biz, .net, .fashion, .london, .digital among others. The definition of “new” TLDs leaves a bit to be desired…

When asked “Do you trust companies with and .com domains more than those with other newer domains like .eu, .biz, .net, .fashion, .london, .digital etc?” over two-thirds (69.2%) of respondents told Varn, a digital marketing company, they trusted TLDs such as .com and more, and over quarter (26.3%) trusted all TLDs the same.

The answers varied depending on the group of people surveyed. Women are more cautious than men, as 74% of women trust .com and domains more compared to only 67.3% of men, and while 29.1% of men said that they trust all domains the same, only 22.9% of women felt the same.

There were also found big differences in results when comparing the different age ranges of the UK, as younger respondents seemed much less trusting of new domains than their older counterparts.