Donuts Extends Their Domain Protection Promotion Into Q1 2017

donuts-logoDonuts have extended the availability of their domain protection service that allows trademark holders to protect their marks and related labels across all Donuts’ new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) at a fraction of what it would cost to defensively register the same labels.

The Domains Protected Marks List (DPML) service was boosted last September with Donuts’ DPML Plus – an enhancement to their legacy service. At the time of the announcement in September, the DPML service was used by Fortune 500 brands such as Verizon, Apple, HP, Microsoft and Amazon.

DPML Plus was to be available until 31 December and effective 1 January, the price of the legacy DPML service would be increased to better align the service’s benefits with marketplace value.

But this week Donuts announced that due to strong demand for the service that:

  • DPML Plus will remain available until 31 March
  • Legacy DPML subscription prices will remain at current levels until 31 January.

This means that for brand owners that utilise the legacy service there is now additional time to renew subscriptions prior to the price increase and an three additional months to employ the service for widened protections.

DPML is an innovative service from Donuts that allows trademark owners to protect their marks and related labels (an “exact match” or “contains” label) across all of Donuts’ new gTLDs at a fraction of what it would cost to defensively register the same labels.

DPML Plus differs from legacy DPML in the following ways:

  • DPML Plus permits a block of one exact match trademarked label plus three additional labels that can be any combination of “contains” and/or misspellings.
  • For example:
    • Donuts (an exact match, as represented in your SMD file)
    • Donutsinc
    • Donutstlds
    • Domuts.

Additional features of DPML Plus include:

  • Labels are blocked for ten years (vs. the current five in the legacy service), giving the convenience of long-term brand protection.
  • Labels are blocked not only across all standard domains, but all premium domain names in Donuts’ gTLDs.
  • If a trademark holder decides to register and use a label they previously blocked, they may submit unlimited overrides for the duration of the ten-year period, with no wholesale override fees (domain name registration fees would still apply).
  • DPML Plus blocks are not subject to overrides by other parties with the same trademark.

Donuts’ suggested retail price for DPML Plus is $9,999 (about the total cost to manage one to two UDRP proceedings) for the ten-year period. The cost-benefit analysis is, according to Donuts, compelling:

  • At the average $32.99 retail cost for a registration in a Donuts TLD, it would cost almost $6,500 per year to defensively register one label across 197 TLDs, and nearly $26,000 for four labels. Multiply that number by ten—the life of the DPML Plus service—and the total exceeds a quarter of a million dollars.
  • At a $9,999 retail price, DPML Plus blocks four labels for ten years, for an average yearly cost of $1.26 per label.

A current DPML subscription may be converted to DPML Plus. A ten-year subscription will commence as of the purchase date of DPML Plus, and then three additional labels may be added. More labels may be added to the subscription for an additional fee for each label.

Accredited registrars such as instra should be contacted for pricing and eligibility information, either for renewing existing DPML subscriptions, or to take advantage of DPML Plus.