.RADIO Gears Up For Launch

dotRadio logoThe European Broadcasting Union is gearing up to launch the .radio new gTLD commencing with its launch of a Pioneers Programme commencing in February.

The .radio new generic Top Level Domain is a community-based resource representing the interests of around 65,000 radio stations, 60,000 web radios and others closely associated with the sector. The gTLD will be aimed at licensed broadcasters, radio stations from across the world, unions and related organisations, trade-mark owners, licensed radio amateurs, web radios and radio professionals.

dotRadio timeline

The project has been endorsed by all the leading radio organisations in the world (including ABU, AER, AIB, AMARC, ASBU, AUB, CBU, EGTA, IAB, NABA, OTI, and URTI).

The Pioneers Programme will run until June 2017 and will overlap with a Pre-Launch phase that will run from 3 May to 5 July. Managers of radio stations are able to apply for .radio domain during the pre-launch. Unusually, radio station operators will have preference over trademark holders during this phase. They will also have preference over web radio operators, as long as it resembles the station’s name.

dotRadio timeline detail launches

Following a quiet period from 5 July to 30 August, there will then be a Launch or Landrush phase, that will run for 60 days from 30 August until 1 November. With priority one given to radio stations, the Landrush phase will then have 7 priorities with Priority 2 given to those registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse, followed by Unions of Broadcasters, Internet Radio, Radio Amateurs, Radio Professionals, Radio Companies and Priority 8 will be a Landrush phase with greater flexibility. General Availability will commence in November. It is expected registration prices will range from €200 to €250 per domain per year.