Verisign To Increase .NET Registry Fee On 1 February

The registry fee, that is the fee charged by Verisign to registrars, for .net domain names is increasing on 1 February so if your domain names are expiring soon, you have a few days to renew for periods of up to 10 years to save some money.

verisign-com-net-imageFor .com, after the US government intervened in the most recent registry contract negotiations, the registry fee is frozen at $7.85 and is frozen until at least 2018. The original .com fee was $6, increasing for the first time in 2007 to $6.42 since the fee structure for both .com and .net was put in place by ICANN in 1999.

But for .net, the registry fee is increasing to $8.20 from $7.46, a 10% increase, and taking the fee above that of .com. Given .net’s registration numbers have been relatively stagnant at around the 15 million mark for the past 4 years, it’s hardly likely to spur a rush in registrations. The 10% increase will mean around $11.1 million in Verisign’s pockets.

For .net, the original fee was $3.50, which increased to $3.85 and has increased at 10% increments most years since, and will into the future up until 2024.