Makeway.World Launches Stats Hub Tool To Monitor .BRAND Usage

MakeWayWorld-logoThere are 568 brands that have launched their own gTLD in 41 countries with 6,856 domains registered, an average of 12.07 domains per brand gTLD today. But previously finding this usage information was difficult. So now MakeWay.World has launched Stats Hub to enable a quick and easy way to see how many domain names each .brand gTLD has registered, how they’re being used, and any other TLDs owned by that applicant.

The Stats Hub provides for the first time information in one centralised location that can be searched and filtered to find what you need quickly and easily. It’s updated daily from ICANN’s Centralized Zone Data Service.

For example, it has been reported the German car manufacturer has been issuing domain names to some of its dealers. Entering “audi” into the search, today one can see there are 585 .audi domain names registered, 436 of which “resolve”. Other data includes date delegated, non-resolving domains, redirecting domains, Bing results, highest Alexa rank and number of domains in Alexa.


The data can also be sorted by industry or location to compare what others in a region or field are doing with their TLDs, or by the volume of domain registrations to see who is leading the way in .brand domains.

The brand generic Top Level Domain with the most registrations is the French MMA IARD, a subsidiary of Groupe Mutuelle Du Mans Assurances, which operates insurance agents and boasts 3.3 million clients. There are 1,754 .mma domains registered, however very few of them are being used with only 11 resolving.

The third biggest of the brand gTLDs appears to be .neustar with 507 domain names registered, 10 of which resolve. Neustar is one of the bigger players in the new gTLD world and has developed MakeWay.World and the Stats Hub as a resource for those interested in new gTLDs, particularly brands. It is the third biggest for backend registry services when it comes to domains under management (5.757 million) and the second largest when it comes to new gTLDs backend registry services are provided for (222).

One can also find out quickly and easily there are 19 .brand gTLDs in Australia and 18 in China, but only 3 in Canada. The sector with the most .brand gTLDs is information technology (85) followed by telecommunications (42) and insurance (33). Statistics go back to 23 June 2016 when there were 4,678 domains registered

MakeWay.World suggest the following uses of the Stats Hub:

  • .brand applicants and project owners can easily discover who else applied for a .brand TLD and investigate how others in their industry are using them to get inspired and make more informed business decisions.
  • Media and analysts can crunch the numbers and gather data, statistics and interesting facts to accompany articles and reports.
  • Digital marketers can stay up-to-date on the strategies being implemented by some of the world’s most innovative companies, as this select group of ‘Digital Superbrands’ emerges.
  • Other brands can keep tabs on the .brand community and gain inspiration while we await a second round of new TLD applications.