GoDaddy Launches Domain Name Valuation Tool Uses Deep Learning

Go Daddy logoWith the use of some of the latest technology and a wealth of sales data as the leading marketplace for domain names, GoDaddy has been able to come up with a new tool that they believe is the market leader in evaluating and appraising domain names.

The tool uses machine learning looking over millions of domain name sales and comes up with a unique value for a domain. GoDaddy says it’s almost like having access to your own domain expert or antique appraiser right from your computer.


“Measured by mean error, the new GoDaddy model is 1.3x better than the best of the four human experts, 1.5x better than Estibot, and 1.6x better than the average of all four human experts,” said Jason Ansel, creator of our soon-to-be-released domain valuation tool.

To read more about GoDaddy’s domain name valuation tool, which is not yet publicly available, see: