auDA Members Revolting Against Changes and Transparency and Accountability Disappearing with Demands to Remove Chair

auDA logoauDA’s members are revolting against recent developments within the .au policy regulator following moves to bring the registry under auDA’s wings without consultation and transparency and accountability disappearing.

As a result, a number of members have today “expressed their dissatisfaction with the current board and management by using the provisions and protections of Corporations Act 2001 (and the auDA Constitution) to call for a General Meeting under S249D of the Act”, reports Domainer AU.

The campaign even has its own website, To require auDA to hold the General Meeting, a minimum of 5% of members are required to support the move, and more than double that number have now done so.

The petition has 4 resolutions, being restoring all historical documents that have disappeared from auDA’s website to be restored, and in future relevant documents to be published in a timely manner, that the recently imposed Code of Conduct is in contravention of auDA’s constitution, that auDA is not a wholesale registry and if it wishes to be the change must be approved by members and that the Chair be removed as of immediate effect.

For auDA members, they can join those revolting against the current management and organisational changes by going to Or just check out the campaign in more detail.