KPMG First Of Big 4 Professional Services Firms To Launch Own gTLD

KPMG became the first of the big 4 professional services firms to launch their own new gTLD on 2 April when they moved their corporate websites to their own branded top level domain, .kpmg.

The move from site to, the company says, enhances the KPMG brand through a strong, simplified name, and provides end users with a level of assurance that any site that ends with .kpmg is owned and operated by KPMG.

Since the new generic top level domain can only be used by KPMG, visitors to sites that use the new top level domain can easily confirm its authenticity and be assured that the information they contain is reliable and secure.

It is intended as the first step of many in creating a consolidated, secure, and trustworthy space for the KPMG member firm network and its online digital footprint.