New gTLD Registrations Lowest Since October 2018 And Down 4 Million Since April 2017 Peak

Total numbers of new gTLD registrations have slid to their lowest number since October 2018 and the decline seems set to continue. In October 2018, according to nTLDstats, registrations were on the rise and peaked at just under 26.592 million in mid-December 2018. Since then, with a few peaks and troughs, registrations have been slowly declining to today when they are around 25.487 million, just as they were 8 months ago.

Despite the overall decline, there have been some big gainers among the new generic top level domains, with .icu growing by over 700,000 since late December, .site (485,000), .app by over 60,000, .live by over 100,000, .fun (150,000), .space (50,000), .online (125,000) for example.

But while there have been some gains, for overall numbers to be declining, there obviously have to be some declines. A couple of the big declines have been .top (around 600,000) and .loan (1.15 million).

Looking ahead just over 7% of the 25.495 million new gTLD domain names under management, or 1.8 million, are listed as upcoming deletes with .top, the largest of all the new gTLDs by registration numbers with 3.362 million accounting for 440,000 of the upcoming deletes. Of the rest of the top 10, .xyz, the second largest of the new gTLDs with 2.321 million has 125,000 domain names listed as upcoming deletes, .online, the fifth largest of the new gTLDs accounting for almost 80,000 and .loan, the sixth largest (1.208 million), accounting for 290,000.

The current trough though isn’t as low as they dropped in late February 2018 when they dropped to 22.692 million and then in June 2018 after climbing again they dropped sharply to 22.683 million. The overall peak that new gTLD registrations have hit was 29.471 million in mid-April 2017.

Of course, total numbers only tell part of the story and usage is one of the most important metrics for determining the success of a top-level domain, but we haven’t delved into that here.