Neustar Gets New US Government Contract For .US Registry Till 2029

Neustar and the U.S. Department of Commerce National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) yesterday announced Neustar has been awarded a contract to continue operating the .us ccTLD for up to 10 years, until 2029.

“Neustar and the NTIA have had a long and rich partnership, building and growing the .US domain into an industry leader,” said Neustar President and CEO Charlie Gottdiener. “With this contract award, Neustar will proudly continue to provide exceptional service that strengthens and grows the legacy of the .US namespace as an engine for economic growth and innovation.”

Neustar has operated the .us registry since 2001 when it was selected by the Department of Commerce to launch and manage the United States’ country code top-level domain. Upon completion of the contract, it will take to 28 years Neustar has operated the .us registry. There are around 2.1 million .us domain names under management.

The .us ccTLD was originally delegated in 1985 and its originally administrator was Jon Postel of the Information Sciences Institute (ISI) at the University of Southern California (USC) according to Wikipedia. Postel “administered .us under a subcontract that the ISI and USC had from SRI International (which held the .us and the gTLD contract with the United States Department of Defense) and later Network Solutions (which held the .us and the gTLD contract with the National Science Foundation).”

On 1 October 1998, the NSF transferred oversight of .us to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) of the United States Department of Commerce. Postel died that month, leaving his domain administration responsibilities with ISI. In December 2000, these responsibilities were transferred to Network Solutions, which had recently been acquired by Verisign and then in 2001 to Neustar.

“We are honoured to continue our long-standing partnership with the NTIA, ensuring a high level of business confidence and continuity of stable, secure service for millions of .US stakeholders,” said Nicolai Bezsonoff, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Neustar’s Registry Solutions business unit. “We are committed to ensuring that the .US namespace continues to have the industry’s most robust infrastructure and cybersecurity defence, including the highest levels of performance, resilience and capacity. We will also continue to work closely with government and law enforcement agencies to combat domain abuse, such as phishing and the sale of illegal opioids online.”

In addition to .US, Neustar serves as the registry partner of choice for Colombia’s .CO domain, India’s .IN domain and New York City’s .NYC domain, and provides registry and DNS services to hundreds of other top-level domains for countries, cities and world leading brands. For new gTLDs, Neustar is the third largest provider of backend registry services by domains under management with almost 4 million domains under management according to nTLDstats and is largest when it comes to the number of new generic top-level domains with 265.