.AR Launches Second Level Domains

Argentina’s ccTLD manager NIC Argentina launched second level domains this month in a 2 stage process with premium pricing before General Availability will see all remaining domain names released at standard prices. In addition, NIC Argentina now allows domain names with 1 to 3 characters for all third level domains (eg. .com.ar), but only 4 characters and more for second level domains.

Second level registrations have been introduced, say NIC Argentina, to make available to all users a huge variety of domains, providing more creative options that generate a greater impact on the universe of the Network. Thus, more memorable and versatile alternatives will appear, allowing you to play with words that end in “ar” and are easily found while appealing to Argentinians.

The launch of the .ar was designed to ensure a transparent and gradual process, which provides mechanisms for protecting the rights of current domain name holders, and its structure was the product of the analysis of different success stories at the implementation of good practices aimed at discouraging or minimizing potential abuses by misregistration or speculative registration.

The first stage of their 2 stage process prior to General Availability has already commenced with a Registration of Preference for registrants whose domain names were registered prior to 1 December 2015 allowing them to register that same name in the .ar. The fee to register a domain during this period will be $270 (270 Argentinean Pesos = approximately US$10). The Preference Registration will last 60 days, so all eligible registrants have until 9 November to take up their option.

If there are different registrants with the same domain name in differing 2LDs eg .com.ar and .net.ar) both may apply for registration. The priority to register the .ar will be resolved by a draw of applications carried out by the Buenos Aires City Lottery.

After the Preference Register, the Registration of Interest will begin. At this stage, all Users who wish to register an available .ar domain may request it. In the event that there is more than one interested party for the same domain name the order of priority to register will also be granted by means of a Lottery of the City of Buenos Aires, once the stage is finished. During the registration of Interest period, all applicants must pay a “Registration Application Fee” of $200. For the winning applicant, they must pay the corresponding registration fee of $340.

After both stages have been completed, the remaining .ar domains will become available to all with current eligibility.

In a separate announcement this month, NIC Argentina announced it is now possible to register 1, 2 and 3 character domains in all 2LDs (.com.ar, .net.ar, .gob.ar, .int.ar, .mil.ar, .musica.ar, .org.ar and .tur.ar). NIC Argentina note that some 2LDs and terms are reserved and applications are subject to approval by them. Registrations under .ar are exempted from these 1 to 3 character domain names.

Please note, the above was translated using Bing Translator and the official announcements are available here and here.