Former auDA CEO Allegedly Falsified Academic Record and Misled Investigators

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It’s been revealed that former auDA CEO Cameron Boardman “faced allegations of falsifying his academic record and misleading those investigating his qualifications before his sudden departure” according to a report in today’s Australian newspaper.

The newspaper has seen documents containing several allegations against Boardman, who was also a former right wing Victorian Liberal Party politician (in Australia the Liberal Party is the right wing/conservative party).

The report in The Australian [subscription required] says a letter seen by the newspaper to Boardman from former Chair Chris Leptos alleges Boardman “falsified his academic record by including a master of laws degree (LLM) from La Trobe University. Leptos abruptly resigned his position of auDA Chair after walking out of a board meeting in late July, possibly after these allegations were raised.

Rumours have been circulating questioning whether Boardman had the academic qualifications he claimed for around 18 months with Domain Pulse reporting on them in April 2018. Domain Pulse understands the auDA Board was informed in 2017 of questions relating to the CEO’s qualifications, but that the Board refused to investigate. According to Domain Pulse sources, a Board majority out voted the concerns of some of the directors.

“You have said that you were able to and did apply to graduate in absentia. You have, however, not produced that application or anything to confirm that you did graduate,” Leptos’ letter continues.

“Why did you hold yourself out to have the qualification when you had no confirmation from La Trobe University that you had that qualification? At what point did you regard yourself as holding an LLM from La Trobe?”

The letter goes on to allege that ‘Boardman misled investigators, who were looking into the veracity of claims he held a master of laws degree.’

“When the issue of your qualifications was being discussed … You pointed to the frames indicating that the front frame contained your MBA from Monash University (and indicated) the second framed document was your LLM,” Leptos wrote.

“You have previously indicated that you do not have the ‘paper’ LLM degree.”

The Australian says they understand “Boardman resigned soon after learning of the allegations.”

Since Boardman’s “resignation”, The Australian reports he has been paid “a full 12 months’ salary and [auDA] paid for him to attend [the APTLD] conference in Malaysia” in early September, a full month after his departure.