.icu Just Rocketed To Number One On The New gTLD Charts

It was about 14 November when .icu rocketed to number on the new gTLD charts, soaring past the previous number one, .top. .icu had been on a charge in the previous week, soaring almost three-quarters of a million (724,000) domains under management from 8 to 14 November. Today registrations in .icu stand at 3.815 million while .top is around 3.735 million, according to nTLDstats.com.

.icu has been rising quickly and 12 months ago there were only 143,000 registrations and now make up 12.82% of new gTLD registrations. Only one in 5 (20.6%) of all .icu domain names are parked compared to .top whose figure is 3 in 5 (60.49%).

Overall there are now 7 new gTLDs with more than one million domains under management out of 29.848 million. But registrations have been rocketing rapidly since the beginning of October, largely driven by .icu’s rise, rising around 3 million after having been stuck in the low 26 million/high 25 million mark since around November 2018.

The other new gTLDs to currently have over the 7 figure registration mark are .xyz (2.727m), .site (1.939m), .club (1.488m), .online (1.379m) and .vip (1.229m).