.GAY Launching Sunrise For Trademark Holders In February

The .gay top-level domain will be launching their Sunrise launch phases for trademark holders commencing February, running for 3 months to 6 May, the registry Top Level Design has announced.

.gay is a proud supporter of LGBTQ people, causes and businesses and represents a historic step forward, increasing visibility of the community. Its launch is intended to result in a more LGBTQ-friendly space.

In its support of the LGBTQ community, 20% of the registry fee for every new .gay domain registered will go to LGBTQ organisations. There is also a “.gay Rights Protection” policy that will accept reports of any content associated with a .gay domain name that is harmful or harassing of LGBTQ people and be able to act against them by working to remove the content or suspending the site itself. It also means that hate groups are banned from using .gay. Top Level Design say they know they won’t be able to single-handedly turn the internet into a hate-free zone but they refuse to accept the status quo.

On 11 May, a week-long “Early Access Period” will begin, where some registrars will offer a first chance at .gay domains for an additional fee. Every day, that fee is lowered, functioning like a reverse auction. Expect highly valued and sought-after names to go during this week.

For those prepared to wait, General Availability will commence on 20 May where all available .gay domain names will be released on a first-come first-served basis.