Domains With “Pizza” The Champion Of The .AT Renewals: Domain Pulse 2020

Domain names containing the word “pizza” have a higher renewal rate than other popular strings according to an analysis by’s Alexander Mayrhofer,’s head of Research and Development, presented at the Domain Pulse conference in Innsbruck Thursday attended by around 200 people mostly from the German-speaking countries Austria, Germany and Switzerland, but also further afield.

Mayrhofer’s presentation, “The registry as crystal ball: Does the DNS tell us anything about the future?” looked into a crystal ball to look at trends and interesting statistics that come from domain name registrations for Austria’s ccTLD.

Mayrhofer noted how domain name registrations can often reflect trends, either globally or in a ccTLD within a country, that are currently happening, but even occasionally future trends. One global example Mayrhofer gave was for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) where domainers were registering related domain names within minutes of the World Health Organization’s announcement of the official name of the virus.

But it was the analysis of 1,031,385 .at domain name registrations that was the most interesting with Mayrhofer finding the most common words used in .at registrations were “shop” with 23,489 domains containing this string, “wien” (19,496), “online” (17,252), “Austria” (15,306), “service” (11,953) and then “hotel” (11,748) being the most popular.

Domain names containing the word “pizza” was the one capturing Mayrhofer’s attention with 2,809 domains. On the culinary side of things, it beat out “burger” with 1,966 registrations, “kebap” (487) and “schnitzel” (467). There were 26 domains that covered 3 of the 4 strings including impressively long names such as:!

When he moved on to renewal rates, things became even more interesting for “pizza”. For all domains registered on 1 February 2019, 91.57% were still registered on 1 February 2020. Looking at a period of over 10 years though analysing .at domain names registered after 1 February 2009 and those still registered on 1 February 2020 there was an overall yearly renewal rate of 89.56%. For domains containing “online” (4,436 registrations as of 1 February 2019) there was a renewal rate of 87.0%. For “shop” (2,705) it was 88.0%. For “24” (1,240) it was 86.0%. But for “pizza” it was the highest of all. Of the 1,741 registrations analysed the retention rate was 92.6%!

Then there was some further analysis of the .at database. Not surprisingly, older domain names have higher renewal rates with those registered for more than 20 years having a higher renewal rate, while “fresher” domains have a renewal rate of 85%.

When it came to domain length, very short domains are very rarely deleted with the exception being one-character internationalised domain names. For longer domains between 7 and 25 characters there’s a “surprisingly constant retention rate while for longer domains the number is too low to give a significant analysis.

Mayrhofer then looked at if the day the domain name was registered made any difference. Interestingly .at domain names registered Monday to Friday had a renewal rate of 90% but on weekends it dropped to around 96%, perhaps reflecting that businesses are more likely to registering domains during the week and individuals more often on the weekend. For time of day, those registered between 10:00 and 12:00 had the highest renewal rates around 91% or 92%, but for those registered between 02:00 and 05:00 the renewal rates plummet, with registrations made around 03:00 and 04:00 the lowest at around 76%.

And some final characteristics. Mayrhofer found .at domain names with a TLS certificate had a renewal rate of 5.4% above the average, those that contain the “evil” hyphen shorter than 12 characters are slightly above the average, with a renewal rate 0.8% above, but those longer than 12 characters is slightly higher at 1.3% above the average.

Domain Pulse is the largest annual domain name conference in the German-speaking countries, co-hosted by the ccTLD registries, DENIC and SWITCH and held each February, rotating between Austria, Germany (2021) and Switzerland (2022). In 2021 when DENIC hosts Domain Pulse, it will be held in the birthplace of Beethoven and former capital of West Germany Bonn on 25 and 26 February.

Mayrhofer’s PowerPoint presentation, along with all others, will be available to download from the conference website here in coming days.