Former Cybersecurity Czar Rudy Giuliani’s Twitter Mishaps A Cybersecurity Risk

Rudy Giuliani’s missteps, stumbles and faux pas continue on and on and on. Guiliani is infamous for butt dials to journalists and ongoing typos in tweets with copious misspellings and other keyboarding errors that online criminals are taking advantage of. Malwarebytes has highlighted a number of tweets that have caused issues, such as a tweet sent out Sunday in which “Giuliani meant to send his 650,000-plus followers to his new website, Instead, a space added after ‘Rudy’ sent users on a redirection quest that ultimately landed on a web page laced with adware.”

The typosquatters are having a field day with Giuliani’s mistakes. In these mistakes Malwarebytes notes they’re capitalising on “mistakes made by those with clumsy fingers. A mistyped URL, which would normally lead users to a 404 error page, is instead redirected to a completely unrelated site—often one designed for ill intent. For example, let’s say you enter into your browser’s address bar instead of Rather than seeing the normal YouTube portal, you will instead be redirected via a few ad networks and most likely end up to a scam page, thanks to the handy work of enterprising typosquatters.”

Giuliani, Donald Trump’s hapless personal pro-bono lawyer, “has been identified by cybercriminals for his tendency toward typo-laden tweets. In fact, Giuliani’s Twitter account contains numerous tweets with misspellings around his personal website that sometimes lead to trolling attempts or redirect to malvertising schemes.”

Some of the other tweets highlighted by Malwarebytes in their blog post include a tweet “sent from Giuliani’s account using an iPad. Whoever composed that tweet forgot to add a space between the word ‘watch’ and ‘’.”

“As a result, the website becomes which was registered a day after the tweet. Visiting the site immediately redirects users to, a site for help with substance abuse. Another was “a much more subtle typo for Giuliani’s website, where a single ‘i’ is missing in (the correct site is” The Malwarebytes blog post highlights a number of other of Giuliani’s clumsiness. But they’re rather embarrassing for someone supposedly once a cybersecurity czar!