GGRG’s Latest Liquid Domains Report Shows Public Sales Up 30%, Sales Down 13.3% For Q4

Sales of publicly traded liquid domain names rose 30% to $7,281,979 in the quarter ending December 2019, while those sales using declined 13.3% to $12,195,427, according to the latest Liquid Domains Overview (LXDO) from Giuseppe Graziano’s GGRG.

Liquid domain names are considered, for this report, the 614,928 .com domains that are 2 to 4 letters, 2 to 5 numbers and 2 to 3 character (numbers and letters).

The most traded domain names in these categories were 3 letter (L) domains, which accounted for $2.348 million in public sales for the quarter and $5.440m in sales, followed by 4L domains with $1.873m in public sales and $3.596m in sales.

Of each category, the category with the most developed domain names, that is those with websites, are 2L .com domains where 27.66% are developed followed by 3L domains (22.6%) and then 2 character (C) domains (18.08%).

The full report contains a wealth of data on sales by each category with historical information and it can be downloaded from: