Diablo3.com aquired by Blizzard

blizzard.jpgDomain acquisition gets tongues waggling

A few weeks ago, fan site Diablo3.com launched a counter ticking-down to some ‘major news’. Online chit-chat had it that this could be the unveiling of Diablo 3, given the signs, although we were less than convinced given the noises coming from VU Games PR.

The big news does involve Blizzard, however, the fan site revealing that they have sold Diablo3.com to the developer for an undisclosed sum, and will instead be moving camp to Diablofans.com.

“Well, there’s no point in beating around the bush any longer, so let’s get right down to it. A few months ago we were contacted by Blizzard in regards to the Diablo3.com domain name. While they appreciate all the work that’s been put into running this big Diablo fan community over the years, they still want the domain name. Hmm, I wonder why? Now before you get all up in arms about it, allow me to explain a few things,” read a statement from the fan site’s ‘management’.

“First off, this fan site isn’t going anywhere, it’s just getting a new name: Diablofans.com! Blizzard is actually being really cool about it, giving us all the time we need to make it a smooth transition before we hand the old domain over to them. So be sure to update all of your bookmarks and point ‘em to diablofans.com instead. Your user accounts will all still be perfectly functional and, along with this new site name, we’ll soon have a big site redesign up and running as well. A new name, a new look. Huzzah!”

Of course, the interweb will now probably jump on this news as proof of Diablo 3’s progress, and if this is the case, we’re hopeful

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