7 million .uk domain names now registered

Nominet, the registry for .uk (United Kingdom) domain names, has announced there are now seven million .uk domain names registered. This follows the recent announcement of .org also passing seven million names. .Uk is the third largest ccTLD, with both .cn (China) and .de (Germany) both having over 12 million domain name registrations.

Always an arbitrary process at best, the registry says the seven millionth registration was tootsdrivingschool.co.uk, registered by Toots Driving School, based in Ilford, London.

This registration marks significant growth in the registry – an extra one million domain names since July 2007.

Nominet also want to remind people of the benefit of registering a .uk domain name. A recent survey of 2,352 Internet users, carried out by Opinion Matters, also shows that 72% of users are more likely to choose a .uk rather than a .com address when looking for information online.

Phil Kingsland, director of marketing and communications at Nominet, comments: “We are pleased to see that the .uk registry is growing year on year. This, coupled with the high level of consumer trust in .uk emphasises the value of businesses having a .co.uk domain name. It has become a key element of a UK-based company’s brand identity.”

To register your .uk domain name, check out Europe Registry at www.EuropeRegistry.com.

More information on Nominet can be found at www.nominet.org.uk.